Why Us?

Every person, him or her needs a high-quality tailored suit in their wardrobe at a certain period in time. Be it for a big business meeting, a wedding, a conference or even just to look good on a regular night out. Any garment that is bought off the rack, even at the biggest boutique stores, cannot match a bespoke custom tailored fit.

Why Us
Why Us

01. Bespoke is Better than Off the Rack

Each garment is stitched according to an individual's measurement. Our clients pick their choice of fabric from a variety of swatches we present. A step by step measurement is taken followed by an endless scope of customization and designs. Clients are open to personalize how they would like style and express themselves while imagination is the limit. There is a variation of combinations, lapel types, variety of cuffs and buttons, and mix and match minstrip patterns to select from.  Shopping for suits off the rack restricts your options making you compromise on either the style or size. No one is a small, medium or large, so why should your suits be?

Handmade clothing is an art in which AMBFA takes in account of every detail. All our jackets are made with canvas interiors with the finest trimmings placed in every garment. We are always keeping up with the latest trends and styles in the growing fashion industry. Everyone needs at least one suit made to measure. Whether it's for business or a special occasion, a suit that sets itself apart from the rest is an absolute necessity. Our creative team has been bringing in new unique styles to match each individual that visits our showroom. Increase your self confidence by wearing your chosen style of art. We will take lifelong care of your garments, ranging from sizing adjustments to repairs as they grow and change with you.

02. Quality Over Quantity

We believe in quality, strongly. Large manufacturers are only concerned with using machines to mass produce low quality clothing. Here at AMBFA, we hand stitch our garments individually with premium quality for life long guarantee. Our tailors work on a single suit for hours, working with the fabric, your measurements and body posture to tailor a suit which will not only fit your size, but also your lifestyle. We take the time to discuss and then tailor the suit according to our customers preferences. Would you rather interact with a tailor or to a machine?

Treat yourself with a bespoke suit that can be worn at any occasion whether it is a wedding, graduation, special event or at a funeral. Come pick a suit that fits you.

03. Be Part of History

Since the 19th century gentlemen have been wearing handmade clothing, known as bespoke tailoring. Garments were sewn to deliver a desired fit to an individual body type. People expressed their creativity and personality through styling and personalization. Custom made clothing were “spoken” which meant they were not ready to pick up off the rack. In the past, tailors would add double vents on the jackets for those who rode on horses for a comfortable ride. At Ambassador & Smart Fashion, we keep this rich history of bespoke tailoring from becoming obsolete. Each garment is made uniquely and personalized with monograms in the jacket and on shirts. All our tailors are “masters” and our clothes are a reflection of that.