Tailored Suits

Experience the exceptional comfort of a custom-made suit, perfectly tailored to your measurements. Our process blends your unique style with our expertise, resulting in a suit that beautifully reflects your personality, whether it's for work or special occasions.

Each suit is meticulously crafted with custom paper patterns, designed specifically for your lifestyle and body. With 1-3 fittings, we ensure that every detail is perfected to your satisfaction.

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Fabric Selection

Discover your perfect suit from our diverse fabric collection, featuring non-branded and branded options sourced from Italy, England, Australia and Asia. Whether you prefer premium blends, 100% wool, or linen fabrics, we offer choices to suit each showcasing modern patterns and available at different price ranges. Cashmere wool blend, renowned for its durability and versatility, is a popular choice for suits. Its range of weights makes it suitable for all seasons, while its easy-care properties ensure your suit maintains its shape over time, making it a valuable investment in your wardrobe.

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Suit Customization

Customers can personalize their lapels according to their preferences, choosing from a variety of styles such as notch, peak, and shawl lapels. This customization option allows individuals to determine the width and slimness of their lapels to suit their unique tastes.

Tailor the back of your suit with options for single, double, or no vents, allowing for optimal comfort and mobility while maintaining a polished appearance.

Every suit includes bemberg lining as a standard feature. For those seeking a truly bespoke experience, we highly recommend upgrading to our range of bemberg lining styles. Crafted from exceptionally durable material, bemberg lining ensures superior breathability. Customers have the flexibility to select from our curated selection of bemberg linings or even customize their own, bringing their unique vision to life within the lining of their suit.

Customers have the option to select buttons crafted from natural and durable materials such as corozo, mother of pearl, or horn for our suits. These buttons allow for versatile styling choices, ranging from casual to formal attire. Design your suit in a fashionable manner. For a casual suit, customize the stitchings with contrast thread to enhance the suit personalization.

Various pocket styles contribute distinct visual aesthetics to the suit jacket. AMBFA offers a range of pocket options to suit diverse preferences, including Jetted/besom, flap, ticket, and patch pockets. Each pocket style imparts its own character to the jacket, allowing customers to select the pocket design that best complements their personal style and enhances the overall look of their attire. At AMBFA, we encourage customers to experiment with pocket styles when selecting a blazer to achieve a truly exceptional appearance.

Personalize your suit jacket with a monogram featuring a name of your choice

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