07 March 2024 04:39:34

Planning a trip to Bangkok? Definitely find some time and do some research in getting a custom suit made. Bangkok is overcrowded with tailor stores in Sukhumvit, Khaosan and many other locations. How do you choose the best and right tailor store for the garments you are looking to tailor? Many tailor shops have collaborated with taxi drivers or have staff luring tourists into their store. Here's a simple guide to help you out:


1. Reviews: Bangkok Tailor store  


Before you commit to a tailor, see what others have to say. Reviews can give you a good idea of the quality of service you can expect. Dive into what others have experienced to ensure you're on the right path.


2. Location Matters: Tailoring Convenience

Imagine your tailor shop as your second home during fittings. It is important to get your fittings done during the time you’re in Bangkok. That's why it's crucial to choose one that's not a trek to reach. Opt for convenience and accessibility, steering clear of the tourist traps that might try to lure you in. Select a store close to the BTS sky train or MRT subway to escape Bangkok’s traffic. 

3. Turnaround Time: Patience Pays Off

A good suit requires careful crafting and multiple fittings. Usually, you should get 2-3 fittings when getting a bespoke garment made. The workmanship takes time for bespoke clothing including measuring, stitching, pressing and multiple fittings. It is possible to get a suit within 24 hours where some tailors give priority to those with a time crunch. However, the more time you can give the tailors the better the garment fits well on you. You feel confident with the experience of fittings and styling.

4. Seek Experience: Tailor to Perfection

When getting a tailored suit, you should have the right guidance. Tailors should be able to guide you throughout the process and be up to date. Trust in their expertise to guide you through the maze of fabrics and styles, ensuring you emerge looking sharp and sophisticated. Whether you are getting your first suit or looking to expand your wardrobe, your tailors should make sure you walk out the store with confidence! 

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