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Fashion is an important element of everyone’s personality. Our everyday dressing sense, however, more often depends upon the season. We wear different clothes and different fabrics in different seasons.

The period from March to June is the time when you can wear fabrics that can go well with the mood of the weather. You often choose floral, colorful and free-flowing fabrics for spring. The lightweight and breathable material is more preferred during this season. Some of the popular spring fabric choices are given as below: 


A perennial favorite for spring and summer, linen is renowned for its lightweight and breathable properties. Its natural texture adds a touch of casual elegance to any outfit, whether it's a linen shirt paired with chinos or a linen blazer layered over a crisp shirt. Embrace the slightly rumpled look that linen develops over time, as it only adds to its laid-back charm.


A versatile and timeless fabric, cotton remains a staple choice for spring attire. Its soft, breathable nature makes it perfect for everyday wear, offering comfort without compromising on style. From classic cotton shirts to lightweight denim jeans, this fabric is a reliable option that effortlessly transitions from day to night. At Ambassador & Smart Fashion, there is a variety of fabrics to select to tailor your spring shirts. 


Exuding quintessential southern charm, seersucker fabric is characterized by its puckered texture and lightweight feel. Ideal for hot and humid climates, seersucker's unique weave allows air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the warmest of days. It's a stylish choice for tailored suits, blazers, and casual shirts, adding a touch of preppy sophistication to your spring wardrobe.

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