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A suit is generally a large purchase. A good one shouldn’t be cheap.  When it is properly taken care of it will last a lot longer than intended. When it is not well taken care of, you will have to constantly get new ones to replace them instead of getting new suits that increase your collection. Most people generally know to take it to the dry cleaners but there is more to take care your suit than just using a dry cleaner.

Have more than one pair

 Being a company that sells made to measure suits you would probably think we say this so we can make more money. Of course, this advice helps us do that but this isn’t why we say it. If you wear suits for work you need to have a few pairs. It is recommended to only wear a particular suit about 3 times out of the week. You can’t do that if you only own 1 suit.


Use a wide suit hanger

           A wide hanger supports the shoulders. Suit jackets have carefully formed shoulders which are comprised of several different materials. You want to get a hanger that is wide enough to reach near the shoulders inside the coat and also thick enough to take up some of the space inside the suit. Getting a hanger that is too small will cause the suit to have a crease because the hanger isn’t doing a good job. Also make sure to get a wooden hanger to help with removing moisture from the suit jacket after it’s been used. It doesn’t hurt that wooden hangers look nice with a suit hanging from it as well.

         What makes a man look so good in a suit is the way the shoulders look with the suit on. You owe it to yourself to maintain the structure and shape by having good wooden hangers.


Give it a quick brush/ Use a lint roller

         Using a suit brush for just 15 seconds can extend your jacket by a few years. Your suit absorbs dust and food particles as you continue to wear it. At times this might not be obvious to the naked eye, but it is there. Eventually they cause the fabric to lose its attractiveness. Using a brush or a lint roller will remove debris and also extend the natural fibers of the fabric.

Air it out

After wearing it leave it outside of your wardrobe for 1 or 2 days. This will allow all the moisture and sweat to dry up before going back into the suit cover.


Dry Clean

 It is general knowledge that suits should not be washed at home. But taking it to the dry cleaners isn’t always the best option either. It is best to take your suits to the professional cleaners as little as your possible can.

         The reason why you shouldn’t dry clean too often is because dry cleaners use a solvent other than water. These solvents can take a toll on the natural fibers in the suit’s fabric. Also, dry cleaners are not created equal and so there is a chance they do not take care of your clothes the way you would.


When To Dry Clean

         Take your suits to a professional cleaner when you start to notice it has a funky smell after a whole day of drying it. Other reasons to dry clean are when the suit has a stain or food spills. A good recommendation for food spills and stains is to get the cleaners to clean the affected area instead of the whole suit. This is good for the suit and for your wallet as well.


Long term storage

         Not everyone has seasonal suits or is in a position to put suits a way for a long time. But if you are fortunate to be in a position like that have your suit dry cleaned before putting it away. Also use a breathable suit bag so that air can circulate.

Taking care of your suit is extremely important. It is a large purchase so it should be handled with care. Airing your suits out before putting it in the closest is important and a very easy habit to get used to. Take care of your suits so they last longer to take care of you.

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